Hi. I’m Chris.

As a writer and strategist for 10+ years, I’ve partnered with CEOs, CMOs, creative agencies, and in-house marketing teams to get to the heart of why a brand should matter to the people who need it most, and then figure out how to communicate that to them.


Key Insight

Seniors yearn for healthcare that focuses on happiness over hospitals.

Key Insight

Doctors are more important to healthcare consumers than anything else.



Chris is one of the best at developing the right strategy for a brand or product, and then figuring out the magic words / secret sauce to tell its story.

David Savinar, Creative Director @ Stori

As a result of our work together, Living Intentions has a wonderfully refreshed and innovative brand, and clear messaging for our consumers.

Joshua McHugh, Founder @ Living Intentions

Wow! I love it! This has so much friggin potential. This is a great example of a solid plan for a brand rollout.

Mark Mantei
, CEO @ Vancouver Clinic