Are A.I. Prompts a technical challenge to solve through Prompt Engineering, or can better results be achieved through conversational A.I. Interviews?


Is it just me or do prompt engineers seemed panicked? They create these crazy long run-on prompt sentences with everything crammed into them, like they only get one wish from the A.I. genie.

After a few months of experimenting with prompts, my experience is that A.I. responds better to an iterative, conversational approach that often leads to real insights.


ChatGPT Prompts

My Role

Strategist, Copywriter


In a recent experiment, I decided to ask ChatGPT to solve a personal riddle that has nagged me for years — what industry am I in?  

Why so confused? Because the Creative Industry (yes, with a Capital C) that I’m a part of spans the gamut from design shops to packaging agencies to architectural firms to production companies.

But surely, you might be asking yourself, with all those creative minds at work over the last 100 years, someone somewhere must have come up with something that includes everybody!

Nope. Take a look:

  • Creative Agencies
  • Design Firms
  • Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  • Branding Agencies
  • Digital Studios
  • Communications Agencies
  • Integrated Marketing Agencies
  • Innovation Firms
  • Packaging Design Firms
  • Experience Design Agencies
  • Brand Strategy Agencies
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Content Creation Agencies
  • Social Media Agencies
  • Production Companies
  • Creative Studios
  • In-house agencies
  • Etc.

Yawn. Not a creative name in sight.

And so, because I didn’t know exactly what to call the industry I’ve worked in for over a decade, I did what any self-respecting writer/strategist would do in 2023.

I asked ChatGPT.

After all, if the most creative minds in one of the most creative industries in the world couldn’t do better than that sad list above, it couldn’t hurt to ask a robot.

Here’s an excerpt of our conversation:

Three things about this chat:

One, ChatGPT is chatty! From here on out, I’m going to ask her/him/them for shorter, sharper answers.

Two, I’m convinced! We’re called Creatives with a capital C because we work in the Creative Innovation & Solutions Industry.

Sure it’s as boring as the other names on the list. But at least it’s accurate, inclusive, and sorta fascinating because it came from baby SkyNet.

And three, is it just me or did the whole exchange seem to enlighten the interviewer (me) and the interviewee (ChatGPT) at the same time?

That’s really intriguing.