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I’m a Storyteller

Story is the thread that runs through everything I do, from insight to strategy to brand development. Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to create stories at the nexus of brand, strategy, & business for some of the world’s most successful companies.

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My Origin Story

Strategy and Creative Direction are really my second career. My first was in film. Here’s how it all began…

I started out as a young lad writing for the stage, mostly Monty Python spoofs for The Redondo Beach Center of Performing Arts. The fact that my family owned the business probably helped get them performed on stage.

Like most kids, I was also a big movie buff. Not just the story, but how it went from script to screen. My first brush with a film set was on Rocky III as a young kid in a crowd. Years later when I worked with Stallone again on Assassins, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I remembered him from a decade ago. Because Mr. Stallone still looked really buff, like he could kick my ass.

My love of movies landed me at USC film school. Like so many in Hollywood, I got into filmmaking because it combined my love of writing with the ability to turn that writing into something unique and cool and great. But once I got out of film school, I learned very quickly that a practical, real-world skill set was required to produce any movie, let alone the unique, cool, great ones. So I decided I had to learn how to produce.

The combo of writing and producing led me down some interesting paths – I’ve worked in a start-up, developed for TV, and helped invent a technology you may use on your phone today.

Along the way I moved into brand storytelling, which led to strategy.

If you ever get me really liquored up, I might tell you how that led to a little start-up called Starbucks. It’s a long story, but because I worked with geniuses, the company was not little when I left.

At this point, I think I can safely say that I’ve developed brands and strategies for clients in every medium I can think of, for companies as diverse as Starbucks, Nike, The Honest Company, Samsung, and Essentia.

Pile on working with great teams both brand and agency-side, and pretty soon it all adds up to a life.

My Writing Life: Screenplays

I went to film school to be a screenwriter / filmmaker, and then learned the hard way that a “successful” Hollywood writer can starve to death between gigs. So I parlayed my skillset into brand storytelling, which led to strategy.

I still write screenplays, but now I do it for the love of it, which is actually quite freeing in a creative sense. Doesn’t pay the bills, but it does satisfy the soul.

To keep my skills up, I run a writing meetup called PDX Screenwriters, which functions as a support group as much as a critique group.

If you’re interested in seeing the kind of scripts I write, have a look:

How Can I Help?